If I could take you away, pretend I was queen

June 17, 2009

Dear World,
So, as usual, the infamous vlogger/blogger HayleyG.Hoover has inspired me to create a post about my love life. Are you ready for this?!

Shea’s Love Life History:

Ok, ok, so it’s not like I have been completely lust-less throughtout my preteen and teenage years, but as for love? None. Am I complaining, not at all! I had the traditional ‘flings’ in elementary. You know the ones? You ignore each other as much as possible, and casually point him out to your friends as he plays a sweaty game of wall ball with the other eleven year olds. You never talk, so eventually, you kind of forget who he is. Then I progressed to seventh grade where I became ‘above all that’. I’m telling you, I’ve been an old soul from the start. The summer going into 8th grade I had a crush, as we dated for a long week before I decided he was too short and clingy for me. I’m a harsh critic, Je regrette.

In high school, I went out with one of my best guy friends for about half a second before I realized it was weird and would never work. By ‘went out’ I mean we were in each other’s AIM profiles.

Then last summer I worked at a kids camp with this guy who lives in Maine for the summer, but lives in Florida. He was perfect, six feet, zac efron-ish, charming, polite, etc. Everything any normal girl would want. Knock-knock…Who’s there? Shea. Shea who? Shea the girl who decides that she likes being independent and it doesn’t matter if she has a guy who is totally interested in her and is the equivalent of a mouth-watering disney star. I ditched before I let him into my heart. I ditched before I would let him hold my hand. Me? Issues? Nawwww.

So, there you have it, the history of my heart. I can’t say I’m upset, actually it is a topic for great laughs. For a long while I ruled out dating, for it was ‘ poisenous to my academic career’. Then I moved on to, ‘I want to wait and travel and see the world before I let my heart out’. Now I’m at the point of ‘Dear lord, there is someone at my school who intrigues me like no other, and we glimpse at each other all the time… that’s it. No hello’s, no accidentally bumping into each other, just smiles and secrecy.’ I NEED to be more bold, but it’s easier said than done. There is something about him I can’t get over, it’s his essence, now I’ll end this, for it is sound far more creepier than I was hoping it would.

I’m ok being single. I mean, who ever decided it was a bad thing? I am a fully functioning single human being who finds happiness everyday, what more could I ask for? Well, except for maybe accidentally bumping into him…




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