Life inside a music box ain’t easy

June 11, 2009

Dear World,
Tomorrow, I will have seven days left. Seven days of school, stress and exams, and then I will happily leave all that behind for sand, sun and warm exotic waters. I think I can stick it out- let me rephrase that, I HAVE to stick it out. This is my junior exams, meaning I have to do great on them all. I’m only taking five (my AP exams and my current events exam are finished) and I need to focus on them.

I’ll have a whole week of a cruise and Bermuda to reward myself, but until then, I need to just stay focused and work hard.

I hope, when I am old and wealthy, I’ll look back at all of this ‘exam stuff’ and laugh as I lazily sip my wine looking out across my italian balcony. That’ll be very nice.



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