lay me down

June 6, 2009

Dear World,
So I am très extatique because my ‘sisterhood’ and I are taking our book online. Ok, that probably made no sense. See, my best friends (well, minus my super duper number one best friend) and I are ‘the clique’ (but I call us the sisterhood because I think it sounds friendlier). They are all seniors about to graduate (my best friend is a year younger and one of the sisterhood members sister). We used to have this book that we would pass along and write in about our day, week, etc. For a while it kind of died down with our hectic lives, so my friend Jenna (one of the members) came up with the great idea of making the Book a blog. So now, as they go off to college and I start senior year next fall, we can all keep in touch (even though they are all within three hours driving distance) and we can keep up with each other’s busy lives. Wait- I lied. One of them is going to school in Vermont, so that is quite a few hours away. Hopefully this will keep us close, and I’ll get a taste of what college life is like.


P.S. here is the link in case anyone (if there is anyone who even reads THIS blog) is interesting in reading it:

we all write in different colors as the first blog states (I am lime green)!


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