Here’s a riddle for you, find the answer

June 5, 2009

Dear World,
Today went better than expected. I actually did pretty well on that dreaded trig test, and I have a chance of getting an A in the class. It’s always my one B, and I get OCD about it.

In other news I found out on White days I only have two classes for the rest of the year (because AP U.S. history and current events are over with)! This means I’ll be leaving at 11:30 every white day <3. Love ittttt!

Today was lonely without all of my senior friends, I don't like being the oldest class in the school! Life is getting scary!

Bermuda= two weeks today (well, I'll be on the cruise ship heading to Bermuda). I couldn't be more thrilled. I need this, this break, if you will.

This summer= finding a job? That would be nice. Summer soccer, college visits, road trips, my seventeenth birthday (which entails Boston for the day <3), Bermuda (as previously, and enthusiastically stated), camping, sleepovers, tearful goodbyes as some of my bests head off to college (though most not too far away), and a lot of growing up. I don't know if I'm ready for this. Just kidding, bring it on, I'm ready for anything.

As for a summer romance that cosmo girl and seventeen magazine are endless promising me; looks slim, but hey, I'm a girl who is in for adventure. I truly think I'm better off, I'm kind of destructive when not on my own. I thirst for independence, and I like it.



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