Sweet like candy to my soul

June 2, 2009

Dear World,
I’m writing this blog in hopes that if I just avoid my math homework it will disappear all together… Miracles happen sometimes, right?

Anyway, today in French we watched a movie called Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, better known as Amélie. At first it kind of reminded me of the cinematography of the short-lived show Pushing Daisies (which I loved) and its snappy, quirky, bright ways. Towards the end of the film I began to realize that it is basically the story of my life. Basically, in all of her happiness and innocence, Amélie is an introvert when it comes to love, and never seems to muster up the courage to actually face the one man her makes her fall head over heels. I’m not saying I’m in love, no way, but, I can just relate, that’s all.




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