in the middle of the night I break down in sorts

May 23, 2009

Dear World,
JE SUIS TRES TRES FATIGUE! Prom was last night, and was an absolute blast, and because of that, I am super tired.

We had half a day and after I got out of chemistry I went to SubWay and then got my hair done. I then got ready at my friend’s house and we drove to another friend’s house to take pictures and go to Prom!

I had to get there early (due to prom committee commitments) but it was still rather fun. The food and music were great, and the only downfall was there was another girl there with my dress (though I barely saw her) and some other girls with very similar dresses. I shrugged it off (even though I thought it was a one-of-a-kind), until a lacrosse teammate of mine came up to me with a very similar dress. I tried to lighten the mood and say ‘Oh look we’re twins!’, but apparently she was too mad and started to cry, blaming it on me, saying she got hers in NYC and that it was the only one made. I didn’t really know what to say, seeing as I had no idea she had purchased the same one as me, and to be honest, I thought she handled the situations very immaturely.

Other than that, my night was spectacular! I’ll leave you with some pictures


prom 1prom 2prom 3prom 4


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