Yes there’s a chance that I’ve fallen quite hard over you

May 17, 2009

Dear World,

So, usually I love love love dances.  Any kind of school dance is a blast for me.  Yet, for prom, I was never one of the girls who has dreamed of it since I was five or something.  I mean, it has sort of just been a thing, that yeah, I’ll go to and have a great time, but it’s just another dance.  Yet now, I am actually getting really excited for it!  It’s on Friday May 22, and it has been going along flawlessly to get it planned (knock on wood).  As vice president I am obliged to be on Prom Committee which I don’t mind, and tons of things have gone our way.  We got our invitations for free, we bought the favors (small mint tins with mints and the date on it) for virtually nothing and the place we are holding it at is beautiful.


There are aspects about my prom that, if I were anyone else, would whine about, like the fact that I don’t have a date (I am taking my best friend) or that my friends and I don’t actually know our means of transportation to get there (the limo thing didn’t work out), but to me, these are all small glitches that are going to make the night adventurous and fun!  I love my dress, am pretty set on a hair do and am going with my best friends!  What more could a girl want?!


Ok, sorry I’ve drowned you in this small bit of teenager girl American conformity, I pinky promise I am done.





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