I want to feel a car crash

May 14, 2009

Dear World,
I love the comments I get from people. They are sparse and rare, but the ones I get are super nice. Like the one I got on my last entry, she was so sweet, I believer her name is Anda, her link is in the comment and her posts are super fun! It’s always nice to know that there are a few people out there who appreciate this world that I hide from everyone I know.

Ok, so for a second I am going to rant for a second, and if all goes well, this should make no sense to anyone. Note: I am the kind of person who enjoys being single and can stand on her own two feet. However… No good is coming from me looking at him from a distance. How creepy right? Well, never talking to him, never taking any chances at approaching him… really Shea? really? lame! I thought you were confident and funny and didn’t feel afraid or flustered around anyone. I guess there’s just something about him… Gah. No! There shouldn’t be! The plan was to grow up as a cat lady and then travel the world and meet a guy with an accent. Stick to the script, Shea, stick to the script.

Yeah, alright, I think I’ll enjoy the mere rainy hours of light left of this day before the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy comes on and I bawl my eyes out. Just saying…



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