A thousand years they’ll be singing na na na na na na na na

April 25, 2009

Dear World,
So yesterday I posted this lovely blog about lacrosse team bonding and how great we did at the scrimmage and other sorts of random babble, and then I go to add a picture as I always do, and I realize there is no picture link. I then proceed to click all around, thus losing my entry, and completely exhausted and uninspired to write a new one, I did what the beatles have been telling us to do all along; I let it be.

Today was a rather nice day. I like the days that last long, where you fill up every moment with something exciting and fun. After my lacrosse game, a group of my friends ans I went to the beach, soaking up the fun, getting a glimpse of the boardwalk and just being girls. I got to dip my feet in the bitterly cold ocean (first time this year) and write my name in the sand. We bought the infamous pier fries and way too much candy at a candy shop. To end the day we bought ice cream at a local place called dairy joy and I could just see the sun setting on our perfect book of life.

As cliche and cheesy as it all may have been, it’s the days like this that I long to last forever.

I found myself as the odd one out in the group at certain points as I was the only one without a boyfriend/prom date/potential lover. I never mind this, I choose to be independent and don’t want an immature high schooler drooling on my face and making me sit there while he plays, oh I don’t know, nintendo or wii or whatever. Yet, it was a bit weird to see them all swooning over how great their ‘men’ were and it got me thinking; am I really missing out by not dating in high school? Ok, ok, it’s not like I have completely ruled it out, but I hate having to schedule my time for anyone other than my friends and the guys are my school are, well, ugh. I think in the long run I’ll b glad for not settling, and I am happy to take my best friend to prom. I have a feeling we’ll have way more fun than those dramatic couples where I guarentee half of the girls will end up in tears by the end of the night.

Now on a lighter note, I am off to watch There’s Something About Mary.



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