So take a walk with me on this sunny road

April 19, 2009

Dear World,
Gettysburg was AMAZING! I didn’t want to leave! It was sunny and in full bloom and one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to.

Wednesday afternoon we left school and drove in 3 vans in a 9 hour car ride. My van was epic and we did so many crazy things. Thursday morning we did the vistors center and visited the battlefields as well as big round top, little round top, devils den and got a tour of Gettysburg College. Thursday night we explored all of the shops and went out to eat. Friday morning we drove to Maryland to visit Antietam and then came back to Gettysburg to do Pickett’s Charge (in which I ruined a pair of shoes) and watched the sun as it set over the fields, and then climbed a huge tower over the national cemetary to watch the sun sink into its bed. Between Antietam and watching the sunset we went shopping and then that night we went out to eat at a place called the plaza, and my spaghetti was amazing. Saturday morning we visted the national cemetary and it was a very emotional place. We then headed home, and I have been missing it ever since.

I want to go back. I want to travel more. I know I will, but I am more eager than ever!



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