Dear World,
So I am giddy. I shouldn’t be giddy (even though we played a hell of a lacrosse game today), I still shouldn’t be giddy. But, nevertheless I am giddy.

Legit, I haven’t been able to sleep giddy, and this is rare, because I am sensible about this sort of thing… usually.

I really should not be this giddy, nothing has happened… yet. Maybe nothing will EVER happy, but I am still giddy.

Ok, I am done.





Dancing in the Moonlight

April 27, 2009

Dear World,
So I have been in a particularly good mood because of the weather. It was 70ish today and tomorrow has the potential of reaching 90ish. For Maine, this is good, this is really good.

So I’ve decided that when blogging I am not just going to review my whole day. I generally don’t do this, but I am going to keep that up because honestly, do you guys really care what i talked about at lunch or watched in Current Events class? Didn’t think so…

So recently I have realized how ridiculous and far from the truth rumors can be. The ones I am talking about are not about me, they are about a friend, and I am sure glad they aren’t about me. It’s a personal thing that is happening and I am sure she wouldn’t want it posted on a blog, but all I can say is regret is in her life right now, something I am so glad I steer clear from. You know what else I noticed? “HE” looks very nice from the back. Not like that you pervert! He just has a pleasant way of walking and talking, and now I am done because it’s not like I ever talk to “HIM” and “HE” is the only person I seem to lose my confidence around…

Ok, bye.



Dear World,

So I thought I’d do an untraditional post today because I feel like it and I thought it might interest the few readers that I have.  This was inspired by a hayleyghoover blog post (you have probably seen her hilarious videos on youtube).  Anyway, here goes nothing…



Abraham Lincoln

Boys with accents

guys who are athletic (or at least remotely capable of catching an object thrown towards them)


Dave Matthews Band music

A guy who can play Dave Matthews Band music



a love of the outdoors/exploring/adventure

crooked smiles

sharp, piercing, breath taking eyes

nice teeth

James McAvoy

Jakes Gyllenhaal

Lee Pace



recycling (yes it is to me, thanks)


chivalry/manners without being too cliche-romantic for my liking

There’s a lot more but this is the best I can do at 8:50 in the morning




too much cologne

rap music that degrades women

rap music that is degrading in general (mostly all of it, even if it is catchy)

treating women like a piece of meat



video games (I know that eliminates all the guys in the world, but hey, a girl can dream right?)


tourist-y behavior

using slang/aol talk in a school paper (I’ve seen it done)


Well, that was interesting.  I must admit making lists when they aren’t to-do lists are quite fun.





p.s. don’t hold any of these things against me 🙂



Dear World,
So yesterday I posted this lovely blog about lacrosse team bonding and how great we did at the scrimmage and other sorts of random babble, and then I go to add a picture as I always do, and I realize there is no picture link. I then proceed to click all around, thus losing my entry, and completely exhausted and uninspired to write a new one, I did what the beatles have been telling us to do all along; I let it be.

Today was a rather nice day. I like the days that last long, where you fill up every moment with something exciting and fun. After my lacrosse game, a group of my friends ans I went to the beach, soaking up the fun, getting a glimpse of the boardwalk and just being girls. I got to dip my feet in the bitterly cold ocean (first time this year) and write my name in the sand. We bought the infamous pier fries and way too much candy at a candy shop. To end the day we bought ice cream at a local place called dairy joy and I could just see the sun setting on our perfect book of life.

As cliche and cheesy as it all may have been, it’s the days like this that I long to last forever.

I found myself as the odd one out in the group at certain points as I was the only one without a boyfriend/prom date/potential lover. I never mind this, I choose to be independent and don’t want an immature high schooler drooling on my face and making me sit there while he plays, oh I don’t know, nintendo or wii or whatever. Yet, it was a bit weird to see them all swooning over how great their ‘men’ were and it got me thinking; am I really missing out by not dating in high school? Ok, ok, it’s not like I have completely ruled it out, but I hate having to schedule my time for anyone other than my friends and the guys are my school are, well, ugh. I think in the long run I’ll b glad for not settling, and I am happy to take my best friend to prom. I have a feeling we’ll have way more fun than those dramatic couples where I guarentee half of the girls will end up in tears by the end of the night.

Now on a lighter note, I am off to watch There’s Something About Mary.


Dear World,
As I am sitting here watching Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 Kiera Knightely adaptation a.k.a the best one) I cannot help but believe my life would be utterly perfect if I had a story such as Elizabeth Bennet’s. How beautiful must it be to find your love by firstly being enemies? Maybe I am a cynic, but I find it all quite beautiful.

Today I soaked up some sun after lacrosse practice, and have realized that I need to spend moe time outside. Which reminds me, HAPPY EARTH DAY! A lot of famous youtubers ie: nerimon, hayleyghoover, italktosnakes, etc. are deleting many of their social networking accounts and subscriptions on youtube that are wasting their time. I have begun to do the same and I must say it is rather refreshing.



Dear World,
You know what’s worse than not being bold? Realizing that you aren’t bold. I know that may sound a bit odd, but just think about this for a moment. Pretend you are a dreamer, such as I am, and you have all of these adventures planned out for your life (just go with me on this one). You have no problem exploring the world, as it comes natural to you, but the things you envision saying to people and the beings in which you want to meet are always a fingertip away. I have come to this conclusion after daydreaming about someone this morning. This doesn’t have to be a lover, this said person could be a friend or an enemy or even a neighbor. Ok, this is probably just a bunch of mumbles and messes, my apologies.

Anyways, my rambling point is, I am going to become more bold. Yes, I know talk is cheap, so I really have to do this. I’ll let you know how this goes…


Dear World,
Gettysburg was AMAZING! I didn’t want to leave! It was sunny and in full bloom and one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to.

Wednesday afternoon we left school and drove in 3 vans in a 9 hour car ride. My van was epic and we did so many crazy things. Thursday morning we did the vistors center and visited the battlefields as well as big round top, little round top, devils den and got a tour of Gettysburg College. Thursday night we explored all of the shops and went out to eat. Friday morning we drove to Maryland to visit Antietam and then came back to Gettysburg to do Pickett’s Charge (in which I ruined a pair of shoes) and watched the sun as it set over the fields, and then climbed a huge tower over the national cemetary to watch the sun sink into its bed. Between Antietam and watching the sunset we went shopping and then that night we went out to eat at a place called the plaza, and my spaghetti was amazing. Saturday morning we visted the national cemetary and it was a very emotional place. We then headed home, and I have been missing it ever since.

I want to go back. I want to travel more. I know I will, but I am more eager than ever!


Dear World,
Happy Easter! It has been a nice day thus far, both weather-wise and just as a day in general. We went to church and we are about to have a family dinner. I got an easter basket full of candy and a new book mark and tank tops. I get the most random things in easter, haha!

So I am heading off to Gettysburg with my AP U.S. history class on Wednesday until Saturday. It should be an epic trip with the people in my class, can’t wait!

Lacrosse has been good, I love it.



Dear World,
So once upon a time I read a very inspiring blog (, you may know her (Nikki) from her infamous youtube videos. Anywho, her writing is brilliantly beautiful and flows like applesauce if it could do so. It has made me miss what I have come to love, and I am starting to write again.

Yesterday I took a good hour to type on my typewriter, that definitely cleansed my soul a bit. Yet, I suppose I am a bit of an exception. I love to write, but that passion goes hand in hand with science ie: biology, anatomy and anthropology. I have no idea where this is going to take me in life. Perhaps a medical journalist? Je ne sais pas!

Oh, yes, by the way, I made captain of the varsity girls lacrosse team and I am president of the national honor society! It’s been a promising week thus far!



Dear World,
So I was going to hop on the youtube bandwagon and do BEDA (blog everyday in April) instead of vlogging everyday in April, but I am thinking utterly realistically and between school and lacrosse and life in general there is absolutely no way for me to do this everyday, as much as I’d like to.

On the topic of vlogging, I suppose I’ll explain why I don’t vlog. First off, I don’t have a quality camera to do so nore do I feel like shoveling out the money to do so. Secondly, in the past when I have made a video, someone random will come up to me (ie: my best friend’s mom) and tell me that they saw my video. This wouldn’t be a bad thing except I feel weird about that. I’d have no problem having thousands of people watch me, but people I know watching me would be awkward for some reason. Third off, I don’t really have the time. I am not saying youtube vloggers aren’t busy, I bet they are, but I am at a point in my life (junior year of high school) where school is all AP/honor/college level readiness intensity and I need to focus on that as well as being captain of sports teams and getting ready to travel and such.

This rant somehow reminded me that I still need to watch Grey’s Anatomy and LOST online tonight.

Au Revoir.