I can be violet sky

March 16, 2009

Dear World,
I love my parents, a lot. We have a really close relationship, and they are really supportive of me. So it is not often that I complain about them, but I must vent for a moment.

My brother took a year off before going to college (something that puts enough stress on me) and they feel that it is ok for him and his friends to play loud garage-band-ish music in his room, distracting me from my homework. Apparently they don’t think my school work is important, and I hate to be rude, but do they want me to end up like him? I have high hopes, aspirations and goals for myself, and I won’t let them get ruined because of a group of immature and irresponsible boys who can’t get their acts together. Ok, I am done, thanks.



One Response to “I can be violet sky”

  1. methodus said

    this may not be the most appropiate place to say this but i came upon your blog quite accidentally and in my stay here i have enjoyed reading the brief snippets of your life.

    (not to mention that you have engaged me in a song look-up marathon.)

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