I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore

February 19, 2009

Dear World,
So I have recently discovered my adoration for Lily Allen. Her new song ‘The Fear’ is quite amazing… and it just makes me think of all these things. The world has become a plastic barbie doll with a fake smile. And all the good things are hidden inside, for no one to see, or at least, this is how I see it.

Vacation is almost over. Today was a homework day for me, which isn’t stellar, but I got most of it done, except for a lab report in chemistry (don’t procrastinate Shea!). The truth is, I actually enjoy doing lab reports for some reason…

I was thinking about how things are this year compared to a year ago. I have learned so much, and though I was happy then, I am really happy now too. Change is good.


my friend told me I looked like Norah Jones in this ❤


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