That face of an angel comes out just when you need it to

February 15, 2009

Dear World,
Winter Carnival ended up being a ton of fun. I schooled everyone in dodgeball! Haha, at least when it was against other girls, and some boys. I watched my friends sumo wrestle and then we went to Subway for lunch (shh) came back and watched some of the Nightmare Before Christmas in the auditorium. Then we went to the pep rally that was tons and tons of fun. I have always loved pep rallies. WE schooled the seniors…

Yesterday I took my best friends to see He’s Just Not That Into You, with me for Valentine’s Day. It was actually really really hysterical, sweet, funny, cynical and any other word you could think of that makes of a genuine movie. I liked it a lot and am definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD. Something about it was so enthralling, and it made me feel different…a good different.


I really did not mind not having a valentine.  My best friend does, but my other friend (her older sister) does not.  I could see that it really upset her, and it go me thinking ‘why don’t I care that I don’t have one?’  The only logical answer I have is that I have always been valentine-less and I am healthy and happy, and that is all I can ask for right now.

I have woken up early for the first two mornings on vacation, but I am enjoying the sunrise.




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