Love me love, say that you’ll love me

February 8, 2009

Dear World,
Last night some friends and I watched The Queen, and it was so delightful! I love period dramas about royalty, but this was a bit more modernized, taking place in the 90’s. It has helped me understand the Queen a lot more.

I got my costume for the one act today. It is ok, not something I would wear, but at least it is a modern play, so I can use it again for something else.

Tomorrow we are doing the child lure prevention for youth group, I get to play a pedaphille, oh joy.

I am off to finish my book, Pack Up the Moon. It takes place in Ireland!


p.s. I got new earrings today and they make me feel bold :).



2 Responses to “Love me love, say that you’ll love me”

  1. Are you going to post your earrings?

  2. sheashea said

    you know what, that’s a great idea! I’ll do it this weekend

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