Can you turn my black roses red

February 1, 2009

Dear World,
Last night was an adventure to say the least.

To start off, we were on our way to sushi when, getting off the highway, my friend’s car stalled. She started it up again, and we were fine, until we stopped at a red light, then it stalled again. It kept up on this frenzy until eventually we stopped at a fire station where we went to the bathroom and called AAA. They took her car to our friend’s dad’s work, and then our other friend drove us to Fuji, the restaurant. We finally found parking and then went inside. Then, it was a 45 minute way. Finally we were seated and had a blast and I fell in love with calamari and seaweed salad <3.

Tonight is the superbowl which means my family and I are going to my friend’s house as we usually do. Except, the patriots aren’t in it, so that’s a bummer.

Obama wants the steelers to win, and all my friends want the cardinals to win. To be honest, I am there to watch the commercials…




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