Everything’s right, say everything’s right tonight

January 29, 2009

Dear World,
I am going to have to start reminding myself to wear sensible shoes in the winter. My feet and flats were soaked all through chemistry, and it certainly was not a pleasant feeling.

The only thing I love more than chemistry are the stories we get to hear of previous classes and the less-than-smart ideas some of the students have had. For example, one student decided that it would be smart to stick a paper clip in an outlet and get electrocuted. Fortunately, he used his right arm and only the right side of this body got shocked. If he had used his left hand, his heart could have potentially stopped. Oh high school…

Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight ❤
That and Lost are the only two shows that keep
me from not watching television at all.



^^^^^^^^Oh hello, I want you as my prom dress.  Nice to meet you.


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