It’s a beautiful day

January 28, 2009

Dear World,
So today was the first day of the second semester. My white day classes changed a bit. Now instead of honors physics I have music keyboarding and curren events and instead of stats I have trig and I have ap us history as always. Tomorrow I still have French 3 and ap english but instead of chem I honors I have chem 2 honors.

It is crazy thinking about how junior year is already half over. In about four months I am going to be a senior! In less than five months I am going to Bermuda! I love this, I love this a lot.

So this semester has been bringing new people and new perspectives, positive perspective. I am liking it.

Aside from that, lacrosse is coming sooner and sooner! I go to the weight room every Tuesday and Thursday, and will hopefully be able to bench more than 45 soon, hahaha.


Bermuda, I watch you so badly!


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