I have dreams of orhca whales and owls

January 26, 2009

Dear World,
So I am officially done with midterm exams! This may sound weird, but I am going to miss it a bit, beause getting out early feels so nice.

Second semester starts now. I like fresh new starts, although I am very happy with my first semester performance. I am extra happy beause I am done with physics! We have a love hate relationship.

I have rehearsals today for the one act which makes me a bit mad because in the scene we are rehearsing the only thing I have to do is laugh hystarically. So I have to drive all the way to school just to do that. Waste of gas in my opinion.

So my friend got me an Obama shirt and poster yesterday! Now I have two Obama shirts and 3 posters, sigh… I am in political heaven.

I am going to go watch a movie, yeah, a movie sounds nice.


^^ I took this picture last christmas when I got my new camera and titles it “be yourself”. Ahahaha oh the good days.


3 Responses to “I have dreams of orhca whales and owls”

  1. Katiedid said

    We only just got Vitamin Water here and it’s so darn overrated. It’s ok tasting and it’s meant to be good for you. I can’t believe you’ve had it for a year.

  2. sheashea said

    yeah I agree, it truly is overrated. You could probably have the same taste with something generic.

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