A million ancient bees began to stink our knees

January 11, 2009

Dear World,
It’s snowing, again. Right about this time in mid January I began to loathe the snow. It just gets annoying and cold. Yet, I have delt with it for 16 years and have a feeling I’ll survive this winter too.

So on Friday some friends and I went ice skating and it was lots of fun. I hadn’t done it in quite sometime and at first we were all a bit wobbley. But we ended up having a stellar time and I can’t wait to go back.

Yesterday I had a cookie ralley for girl scout (yes I am still in it). We taught the younger girls cooking selling safety and played fun games with them. I really enjoy girl scouts and I am kind of the opposite of the other girls, because I joined in 8th grade when everyone else was starting to quit. My troop and I are going to Bermuda this June and I am so excited. It is going to be well fun.

So, I know I haven’t talked a ton about the New Year, but I have to say, I like how it is starting off. I am learning to cook by myself (gasp) and it is really healthy meals too. I am also drinking lots of water and excersising and lifting weights everyday to get really for lacrosse. It’s a nice change.




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