There was this boy and this girl

January 7, 2009

Dear World,
Oh my gosh!!!! It has been forever!!!!!!!!!

Ok, ok, so first off, today is a snow day. That’s not bad, but not good either. See, I don’t want to go too late in June, plus I leave for Bermuda on the 20th, so it i cutting it close. But, nevertheless, it is a day off, so I am happy.

Monday was my first day back, and I am getting into the swing of things. I missed everyone so it was cool to see everyong again.

All of last week I spent with my best friends (two days at their house and one day at mine) celebrating on my my friend’s birthdays. Then, we went to another friend’s house to watch the ball drop, and we had a fantastic time. I love my friends.

Then, on Friday my youth group and I left fo Bangor and until Sunday we stayed in a hotel and went to Winter Carnical. It was amazing! 500 youth from all across the state come together and we pray, have workshops, learn a ton, and have the four f’s (faith, food, friends and fun)! It was truly eye- opening as those events usually are. I met some great people and had a ton of laughs.

It’s weird that I haven’t done any 2008 reflections. I suppose it is because I am becoming more spontaneous and don’t want my life to be defined by a list. My friend and I made a resolution to drink more water though! I think that one is healthy and resonable!

I’m off to read a mountain of books I got for Christmas!

^^ I love my friends and our car adventures!


2 Responses to “There was this boy and this girl”

  1. Katie said

    I love the look of your blog. It’s awesome. And the name.
    I have one problem with this post though.
    I was looking forward to hearing about a boy and a girl. The title kind of lend itself to that don’t you think?
    Nah seriously. Awesome stuff.

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