Dear World,
GAHHH, sorry it has been forever!
Ok, let’s see:
Christmas was excellent. I got the guitar I wanted, and tons of books and movies, and all that fun stuff. I also got an obama shirt and poster and pins, I think that there was a theme going on, haha.
Today my best friend and I went sledding and only went down once and climbed back up and decided we were tired, I think I am getting old, wahhh.
Oh I also got my new lacrosse stick and it is a beauty. Light blue head, white and black aluminum shaft, envy pro head.
So tomorrow I have my youth group yankee swap and then Tuesday is my best friend’s birthday so we are going to a hotel and then we are celebrating New Years and then next weekend I have winter carnaval with my youth group.
I am going to be so so busy!

Au revoir!

p.s. I got this movie and have watched it twice in two days! Love it.


Dear World,
It’s snowing a lot!!!! We are getting a nor’easter actually. Yesterday we got 14 inches and tonight we are getting 28 inches! Which means no school I am assuming, but we’ll probably still have school on Tuesday. Tehn I’m on winter break!
I am starting to get excited for christmas! Four days!
I love Kate Nash. That is all.
I am going to go work on a Chem Project, oh joy.

Au Revoir.


Dear World,
I GOT THE PART I AUDITIONED FOR IN THE ONE ACT PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Ryann (RYE ANN) and she is so funny/enigmatic/ amazing! I am so happy to be acting again! I have missed it so much!

Aside from that great news, Christmas is in a week! I am so excited!


Au Revoir!



Dear World,
So in 1998 we had a HUGE ice storm that knocked the power out for a long time in January. Almost eleven years later it has happened again! There is SO much ice every where and we had a snow day yesterday. But, we got lucky and only lost power for a few hours yesterday morning, so I haven’t had to suffer without it!

So yesterday Amy, Sara, Sarah, and I went to see Four Chsitmases. It was soooooo good! I thought it was going to be lame, but it was so cute, and I love Reese Witherspoon.

Then I slept over, and they came here this morning to take showers because they still don’t have power.

So today feels like Sunday because it is really like I have had a three day weekend. It feels nice actually.

So yesterday I watched The Thin Red Line because I realized that my mom bought it and right now I am watching Casualities of the War. I have realized that I am obsessed with War movies even though I hate war. Pearl Habor is on eof my favorites!

I’m off to finish this movie and read eclipse.


This is my Winter Song

December 7, 2008

Dear World,
GAHHH! I just watched wall-e and it was THE MOST AMAZING MOVIE EVER! It was basically about the future and how if we don’t take care of the environment we’ll have to resort to extremes and EVERYONE will be obese and lazy and the earth will become one large trash can. It was SO educational and heartwarming at the same time!
The relationship between wall-e and eve is so adorable and this is the first movie ever, where my heart has melted, seriously!
Aside from that, it snowed today! I am so glad it is finally starting to look like winter! Of course, but February I am tired of the snow, but for the first few months it is fun.
I’m off to finish New Moon. I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO FINISH IT. For some reason I just cannot get through it! But I will.

Au revoir.

Is love alive

December 5, 2008

Dear World,
So I was a bit suprised about this new display, but I’ll adjust.

It’s the holiday season, and I must say, I am starting to get into the mood. We are getting our tree tomorrow and I’m making hot cocoa as we speak (or rather as I type this).

This week went well. I was inducted into the National Honor Society which was fun, and soon I am going to be auditioning for the one at play at school! We are doing Common Ground, which sounds very intriguing! I’ll updat you more about it later.

So I haven’t finished New Moon yet! I know I know, it is just soooo hard to get through, Jacob is boring, sorry! But I am going to finish it tonight, I promise!


p.s. Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles have a new song out called ‘Winter Song’, you should give it a listen!

Take me there

December 2, 2008

Dear World,

So this is the first full week of school for a while.  It was nice having all those days off, but I really did miss everyone.

School has been great, I REALLY do love junior year, even if it is by far the most challenging.  I have learned that you can’t be perfect at everything, but that is fine, as long as you do what makes you happy.

Auditions for the one act are coming up soon and I am both nervous and excited.  I am nervous because it has been SO long since I have been in a ply, but I am excited because I feel so natural when I act and I have MISSED it so much.

So Christmas is coming soon!  I love this time of year simply because of the tree and the songs and the snow and the hot chocolate.  I love the spirit that is contagious and the inafamous Christmas movies that my family and I watch for tradition!

I have asked for an acoustic gutair and an obama shirt and a new lacrosse stick and books, movies, etc.

I will be sad when it is all over, because then there is just a bunch of excess snow and coldness.

But for now, I have this whole month to look forward to, and playing lacrosse with the girls!  I have been running everyday after school to stay in shape, because it is a while a way, and I can’t lose my soccer muscles!

I’m off to watch Shrek the Halls and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!




p.s. I saw this and fell in love! ❤