Bella’s Lullaby

November 28, 2008

Dear World,

Ok, so I know those aren’t the actual lyrics, but, well, there AREN’T any lyrics so I had to put SOMETHING.


HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING!  Yesterday my grammy, poppop (grandfather), aunt, cousins, and one of my cousins boyfriend came over.  It was a lot of fun and we had some very gooooood food.  I must say I am STILL stuffed and NEVER want to see another pie again (at least for a while)!  The parade was fantastic.  Did anyone else notice that all of America got RICK ROLL’D ahahha!  That was certainly priceless! 

So many people go shopping on Black Friday, but it is actually a tradition for me to NOT go :).  I like to go shopping when basically NO ONE is in the store, is it so much better.

So today is my dad’s birthday :).  We are watching Vegas Vacation tonight as we do always on his birthday.  Then this weekend we are getting our Christmas tree!  Oh Tis the season!

It snowed a tiny bit today, but then it all melted because it rained.  Oh well.  We’ll get some soon enough!

The one act play auditions are coming up soon!  Wish me luck!




p.s. someone paint me pictures like this please.


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