Do you believe in magic, in a young girl’s heart

November 20, 2008

Dear World,

So do you want to know what I love?  Ok good.  I love cardigans.  And not playing basketball this year so that I will actually be happy and be able to act like I truly love.  Oh I also love fruit salad and boys that have nice faces from New Zealand.  I also like learning how to play guitar (soon) and the Twlight series (although I have three more to read ack).

I love that my glasses got fixed (even though I wear contacts 99.999999999% of my life, and so now they aren’t spectacles.  I love girl scouts and giving people presents.  I love girft wrapping for people at Border’s and working at food pantries.  I love that my best friends are coming over on Saturday so that we can watch the Click movie, (ahahahahha), and that I can be ridiculous around them.

I love.

So tomorrow I am going out to Bugaboo Creek tomorrow for my friend’s birthday!!!!!!!  This is exciting because 1) I love her and 2) I haven’t been to Bugaboo Creek since the second grade!  If you have ever been to one you know how exciting it is, (it’s a restaurant by the way)!

Oh I also love lacrosse, and books, just stacks of books.




P.S. i love this woman.  She is my hero.  May she rest in adventurous peace.


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