The heart of life is good

November 16, 2008

Dear World,

GAH, it’s almost Thanksgiving!  I love it!  Definitely an amazing day.  All of my family (well part of it) are coming to our house this year which means chaos, but not as bad as some families I suppose.

This is sort of going to be a random blog, just a heads up.

My hair is getting longer and I am SOOOOO happy.  I have wavy/curly ringlet hair so it looks so great when it is long.  Yet, last January I decided to  get it all chopped off, like ten inches, so that it would be healthy.  Well, I had to straghten it so it would not be poofy and 1) it was  a lot of work every day and 2) I didn’t want my hair to be fried, I wanted it to be healthy and natural.  Now it is very long again, ten months of waiting, but oh well.

So I am almost done Twlight.  Ugh, I know I know, I should be done by now, but I want to savor it and make it last!  I will go see it this weekend obviously, but I HAVE to finish it first!

I think I’ll go read, it motivated me.





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