Come into my world I’ve got to show, show, show you

October 31, 2008

Dear World,

Do you know what is beautiful?  Girl and women who find themselves beautiful for who they truly are!  Campaign for Real Beauty is such an amazing organization and I have skimmed through the sight before.  But lately, I have been getting more involved and can truly say that it is a wonderous thing.  It is so saddening to hear that about 94% of girls in the world are not happy with themselves whether it is physically or something else.

I want to make it known that everyone is beautiful in her own way, and that all girls (old and young) need to stand together and make it be known that we love ourselves.

Aside from that note, I truly want to learn to play acoustic guitar.  I am asing for one for Christmas and will self teach- I am keeping my fingers crossed!  It would be so amazing to get in touch with my musical side again!

Halloween is tomorrow, and I am going as a french painter!  Yes, I still trick-or-treat!  I will always be young at heart.



p.s. I have started reading ‘Looking for Alaska’ and it is brilliant!

oui oui monsieur


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