You and I both loved, what you and I spoke of

October 28, 2008

Dear World,

ONE WEEK UNTIL THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!  It can’t believe it is all going to become reality (Obamers will know what I mean).  Does it make me a bad person that everytime I drive by this house on my way to school that has a giant NO OBAMA sign on their lawn I honk and yell obscene things (in my head of course)?  I think not…

The fact that this country has the chance to change in a positive way is amazing and awesome.

You know what I really really love?  Fruit salad.  And boys with accents, just throwing that out there too.

But seriously this year is making it all too clear for me.  Now that I know I am about to head off and see the world I start to think about the 7 billion people out there and statistically half of them (3.5 billion) are guys and about and about 50,000,000 males around my age, it is full of possibilities so I cannot bring myself to be one of those peole that finds their ‘high school sweet heart’ in, well, high school.  That is great if it works for you, but it is definitely not for me.

I’m off to study for my math test tomorrow.  Au Revoir.




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