You’re hot then you’re cold

October 26, 2008

Dear World,

I suppose I am should be tired, immensely tired.  Well, yes, I am mentally tired, but phsyically, no, power naps work wonders!

See, last night was our pumpkin overnight for youth group and basically from 6 at night on Saturday until 8 in the morning Sunday we stay up all not, absolutely no sleep, and we watch movies, eat food, carve pumpkins, and play games.  It was an absolute blast (my third year doing it) and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Of course, we all get a bit sick of eachother, but it is well worth it (especially to watch people trying to stay awake in mass the next morning!).  I got to read this poem in church today about how pumpkins, like us, are carved into unique and beautiful things, it was quite convincing actually.

My friend and I also saw High School musical on Saturday!  It was amazing!  Be quiet, I know you secretly like it too!  It was the best one I think, and I am going to miss them!  At the end of the movie they do a sort of tribute to high school musical, seeings as this is the end of it (though that means a beginning for something else, right?).

On Friday night a couple of friends and I went on a huanted hay ride and it was great!  They are so fun, and  I needed that laughter that I experienced that whole night!

Today I slept from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, so my internal clock is going to be out of whack for a few days I am assuming.



p.s.  You know what I miss reading?  The Shel Silverstein poems…


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