I can watch a sunset on my own

October 22, 2008

Dear World,

So lately I have come in contact with numerous books that I am going to read, and am very thrilled.  I recently finished Picture Perfect by Jodie Picoult (one of my favorite authors) and it was definitely different than most of her novels.  I love it nevertheless and am now reading An Abundance of Katherines.  Thus far it is witty and creative!  I decided to hop on the bandwagon and read the John Green books because I love Brotherhood 2.0 and it just would not be the same unless I read Katherines, Looking for Alaska (which is next on my booklist) and then Paper Towns which i will get sometime soon.  I am slo going to try Twilight (just to see if I like it) so that I will have read it before the movie comes out.  So I definitely have a shelf full to read and couldnt be more excited!  Books bring me happiness.

So this weekend I am going on a haunted hayride with some friends and then we are going to see High School Musical 3.  I know, I know, a bit surprised to know I like it right?  Well, everyone secretly loves it, dont hide it!  THEN- on Saturday my youth group is having a pumpkin overnight at our church which is SO MUCH FUN!  I cannot wait.  This weekend is going to own all others.

You know what I love love?  FOREVER 21!  I know, I know, I have mentioned this MANY times, but my love for it just grows and grows!



P.S. Physics isnt fun, but Chemistry is.

P.P.S  I am moving to England and finding a boy with an accent who inspires me in every way.  Until then, my heart belongs to moi.


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