All you have to do is cry

September 19, 2008

Dear World,

All of my titles are song lyrics, just for a heads up in the future.  I am not enforcing crying (although it IS very healthy).

So it is quite obvious that my week has been super busy, for if it wasn’t I would have actually written often.  It was a good third week of school,  I am really getting into the swing of things and think that junior year is going to definitely be what I make of it.

I have been looking at possible colleges (that’s me, always getting an early start) and have narrowed my top three choices to as follows:

Brown University (in Rhode Island)

Sarah Lawrence College (in New York)

Dartmouth College (in New Hampshire)

I love that they are all in New England, so it is close to home, but far away to actually have that experience of college, and that they are Ivy Leagues (except for Sarah Lawrence, but still a prime school).  I am not saying it matters where you attend, but I always shoot for the stars and plan on going somewhere big (in the educational sense).

I have checked out all of those colleges online and the campuses are beautiful, especially in the fall.  They all give me a chance to be outdoors as much as possible and to feel safe at the same time.  I am going to visit them soon (probably in the Spring and Summer) so I will let you know how all of that goes.  It is so exciting to think about going somwhere brand new where I can meet some many new amazing people!  What is great is that I am in the grade where my GPA is really important, but I don’t have the stress of applying to colleges yet!

On a much different note, this past week I have had a stuffy/itchy nose and throat which makes me think I may have allergies.  I hate this for I am NEVER sick, and I mean NEVER!  Oh well, I will survive.

We have a soccer game tomorrow and Homecoming week next week!  I am so excited!  I am class Vice President so I am thoroughly involved in all of the activities.  On Tuesday the senoir and junior girls have a powder puff football game and we get to play flag football and people come (and pay) to watch us play!  It is so much fun and gives us a sense of class bonding wich is ALWAYS important!  On Thursday we have a soccer game, and then the pep ralley and bon fire.  On Friday we have the football homecoming game (of course), and on Saturday…drum roll please…the DANCE!  I cannot wait

Well I supposed I have ‘rambled’ enough.  I’m off to do some homework and relax, oh, TGIF.




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