Fresh Start

September 14, 2008

Since the seventh grade I have kept a blog.  They started out as a cutesy way to be an immature sevie- a phase we all go through, and slowly progressed into things that happened day to day.  Then last year, my sophomore year of high school, I decided to make a “real” one.  A serious journal where only I could see the thoughts that spilled upon the keys.  It was great, I was able to talk about how I felt and realize things about my everyday life that I had not noticed before.

Yet, now I am a junior in high school and all has changed.  I know this may sound a bit all too cliche, but I feel as though I am really starting to “grow up”.  I have always been a respectful, mature young adult, but now I can feel that people take me seriously.  Heck, I am starting to visit colleges- this is becoming official!

Thus, I felt it was appropriate to make a whole new blog.  This one will document my last two years of high school, and possibly beyond that.  I deleted my old account, and this is a fresh new start.  I learned a lot about myself last year, and have a feeling I will this year too.

That’s my little intro, though I doubt unless someone stumbles across this, anyone will be reading this, which is kind of nice actually.

I’m off to bed, tomorrow is Sunday which means homework.


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